Actually the title should read “All About Me” because I am the only one running the show here. I have been doing web design and graphic design as a hobby for about 12 years now and have learned all the right and wrong things one can do when building a web site. I have had tremendous success getting my sites ranked at the top and I know that I can do it for you as well.

What matters the most is having the following things done well:

  • Crisp and clean design.
  • High quality¬†graphics¬†that open quickly in any browser.
  • Everything must work well with no dead links.
  • Fast to open on the web. People don’t like to wait.
  • Research all the tags and wording to maximize the site for the search engines and you future customers.
  • Linking campaign with relevant sites. Not too fast or too slow.
  • Easy navigation. Have you ever been to a site where it takes you ten minutes just to figure out where to find the link you wanted?
  • Good content for your customers or visitors. Keep them interested in your site.
  • A good consistent marketing campaign.
  • Keep it fresh! Try to update with new content as often as you can.

That’s what matters most to me. You can have the fanciest, most modern web site in the world but if folks can’t find it then all the hard work was wasted. Like I keep saying, When I do a web site for a client it is with the intent of getting that site at least into the top ten results on page one. If you aren’t there you are nowhere.

I have had people tell me that they get visitors on their web site but when I check, their web site wasn’t even in the top 1,000 results. How deep into a search do you go when you are looking for something on the web? The only way someone can find you when your results are that poor are through a link on someone else’s page or a mistaken typed web address.

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