At Seota we believe that all online success starts with a digital marketing strategy that is crafted to ensure that your company reaches your full potential and achieves your business objectives.

We will build your Digital Marketing Strategy from the ground up to maximize your budget and take advantage of your existing assets. Every business has different aspirations for their digital marketing. Keeping this in mind we take our standard framework and customize it your specific needs to Put Your Website To Work for your business.


Our Digital Strategy is based on the R.A.C.E methodology. R.A.C.E is widely used by fortune 500 business and digital marketing experts from all industries. R.A.C.E stands for Reach, Act, Convert, Engage and it is a structured way to define, execute and measure your digital marketing activities.

Reach involves building awareness of your brand and its products or services across a wide spectrum of social, news, blogs and industry specific websites and offline assets to drive traffic and clients back to your digital assets.

Act is short for Interact. When we talk of interactions we specifically are referring to getting the client to take the next step with your brand. This could range from requesting a white paper to liking you o social media or joining your mailing list. We are seeking permission to further interact with the client to build a relationship.

Convert is getting a prospect to convert into a paying customer. This could be via ecommerce, interacting with sales staff or coming to your restaurant or business.

Engage is long-term engagement or building customer loyalty. What are the specific things you (we) need to do to maximize the new client’s satisfaction with your offering to turn this client into a long term client, a brand advocate for your business.