Web Developers in Frisco, TX

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most ubiquitous content management and website platform on the planet. We are proud to have some of the most accomplished WordPress developers in the country. Our Frisco based team can not only build your website in WordPress but we can also integrate WP to a number of other platforms as well as build custom WordPress Plugins.

Custom WordPress Plugins

Our Frisco developers can do amazing things within the WordPress programming framework. We can build custom, multi page forms and custom plugins we can make your WordPress site drive business to your door.

A WordPress Plugin is a program or tool that in you can install into WordPress to expand the functionality of WordPress and to enhance functionality.

We have built custom plugins to pull data from multiple systems, to show “Nearest Location” for our clients who have multiple locations. The Nearest location functionality we build pulls the users current location and then uses geo-coding to find our clients closest business location. We then change the phone number and directions on the quick contact buttons to reflect that of the nearest location. It is pretty slick if we do say so ourselves.