web design

No doubt about it! You can definitely go out and find web design companies that will produce a visually stunning web site. The question is though, what kind of web site do you want?

Do you just want a site that looks good or do you want one that actually draws in new visitors each day?

Your site might be visually stunning with all the latest bells and whistles but it is worthless if nobody can find it. My mission is to design web sites that are easy for your customers to find and then navigate through. If you know how to check each site to see what the search engines see, then you might find that many eye-catching sites have terrible SEO. I have tested many web design companies themselves and it is surprising how many haven’t even done the basics on their own site.

I am only going to be taking on as many new sites as I can manage effectively. Southern Utah Web Design isn’t going to be a new web site factory. I am only interested in building and then maintaining sites that I can personally oversee.

I plan to keep working on the SEO part until we get you a top-ten ranking in all the major search engines.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you then I highly urge you to contact me. New sites will be on a first-come, first served basis and it is possible that I won’t be able to do every site that is proposed.

I invite you to test out my personal real estate site in the major search engines. The site is www.golfcountryhomes.com. Visit the site, do a related search and see what results you get. This is my plan for all the new sites I do. Get them to the top! That’s why I cannot do too many at a time.