When I first started exchanging links with other sites I didn’t know much about it so I went out and exchanged links with anybody that would trade, with the exception of adult, hate or pornographic sites. I entered them one at a time by hand.

That was a mistake and as you can imagine this became extremely tedious and time consuming. With time I realized that the best way to exchange links was to automate the process and link with only relevant sites. Automating your link exchanges is beneficial in many ways. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s automated, leaving you time to work on more important things.

  • Link verification capabilities. A robot checks for reciprocal links so that you don’t have to. If someone is not reciprocating an e-mail is sent notifying the trader that their link is missing. Once again, you are working on more important things and not checking each site visually for your link.

  • Very structured. You can organize your links any way that makes sense to you. If you don’t like something later on it’s real easy to make an instant change without opening every link page you have.

  • Your fellow link partners are going to like seeing their link in a themed link page rather than a melting pot of links, making them much more likely to agree to an exchange.

There are quite a few automated link exchange programs or services that you can buy out there but there but there is one that I would highly recommend and it is FREE! It is called “Duncan Carver’s Link Management Assistant” and you can begin the download process at

Take a look at my link partners page here to see how it is structured. If you are any good at following instructions then the setup will be real easy. You create a database on your server that enables you to manage your link trading with ease and the style of your new link trading directory is first rate. Go ahead and check them out. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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