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Computer Advice - Where To Find Help When You Need It

The most up-to-date, well-maintained computer and the software loaded in your computer or laptop may also encounter errors. This is not uncommon. Don't forget that your computer is not a miracle but just a machine which will malfunction. How you address your computer's problems depends solely on the problem itself. However, there are certain resources and help options that you can keep in mind that you can avail of initially when faced with a computer error.

Help: Make full use of the Help files that come with your computer, the operating system, the loaded software and programs. These files are there for a reason. Most of these files are intuitive, helps you search for a particular keyword and address the problem. You do not need to be connected to the internet in order to access these files.

Product Support: Once you have used the Help files, you may need to go online or pick up the telephone. Product websites often have live support where you can discuss the problems and the errors that you are facing with their technical support and get help. If you are not able to go online, then there is always the customer service hotline to access to. Agreed, that these telephones mostly have long queues and needs a lot of patience to get through, but it is a sure shot way to get your problem heard.

Online Communities: There are dedicated online communities that discuss certain popular software. For Example, Microsoft Office Suit, Macromedia Flash, Captivate; all these have non-affiliated forums with users as members who discuss the typical problems that a user may come across and ways around those. There are online newsrooms and newsletters as well that log most common errors and help users find solutions to those.

Groups: There are computer support groups in your school, college, workplace or local libraries that meet at regular intervals and discuss computer errors and how to solve those. Make use of one such group, if you run out of options.

Local Salesperson: Don't forget the local salesperson or the store from which you got your computer or your software at the first place. You should be able to approach them with your problem. However it is important to note here that since most guarantees and warranties are covered by the manufacturer and the supplier chances are that the stores may refuse to assist directly or may charge you for their services. Remember to clarify all service clauses before you approach one.

So don't panic next time that you get repeated error messages, which you will get sometime or the other. Try using the help files or get involved with online communities. No one will judge you. All are learners and it is the experience that helps one help other. Even you can share your experience in such communities. Keep a log of the errors that you have faced and how you have corrected those. This will help you in future.


What is the Definition of Computer Software?

The term "software" is not a recently conceived of word. In his 1935 essay, 'Computable Numbers with an Application to the Entscheidungs Problem,' Alan Turing first proposed and provided the foundation for most modern software. In 1958, the first use of the term software was used by John W. Tukey in an article in American Mathematical Monthly.

Today, the the term 'computer software' means written programs, rules, or codes, along with related documentation regarding the operation of a computer system that is stored in read/write memory. The "soft" part of software refers to the many products and technologies developed using different methods such as programming languages and scripting languages. The term 'software' is broader and can include different types of devices such as the operation systems of modern consumer devices such as automobiles, televisions, toasters, etc.

Computer software is the job descriptions of what a computer can perform. It cannot be physically touched. For instance, most computers come with software already installed. Software is also available on CD where the user inserts the disk into the hard drive and follows the installation instructions. As well, downloadable software is available on internet sites such as Microsoft. Computer software is basically a series of instructions that tells a computer how to do a particular job. For example, Microsoft Word is an example of computer software. As well, web page technologies such as HTML, PHP, ASP.NET, and XML are examples of computer software.

Computer software can be divided into two main categories: operating system software and application software.

Operating System (0/S): This system consists of the basic functions that computers perform. An example would be showing movement on a screen such as a mouse cursor was the user moves the mouse. Examples of operating systems include: windows vista, windows xp, Mac, Linux and Unix.

Application Software: These are applications that allow the computer to perform the job. Application software is used to accomplish precise tasks other than just running the computer system. This can include voice, play or record music, view videos, play video games--etc. Other examples of application software include permitting access to the internet and printing documents. Application software is the software that indirectly interacts with the computer.

System Software is the software that can directly interact with computer hardware. Examples include motherboard, CPU, keyboard, Mouse, printer--etc. System software is responsible for controlling, integrating, and managing the individual hardware components of a computer system.

Computer software is composed of machine language which is essentially groups of binary code giving processor instructions that are specific to an individual processor. It is normally written in high-level programming languages and then interpreted into machine language code. Software can also be written in assembly language which is a mnemonic representation of a machine language using a natural language alphabet.

The term computer software evolved from computational theories and formulas from pioneers in mathematics. It is easy to see how quickly technology evolved to the amazing and complex computations we see today.


How Good Are The Preinstalled Programs That Come With New Computers?

Today an off-the-shelf computer comes with the some basic programs and executable options. However if these computers do not include an operating system, then you will probably not get the basic programs either. But when the computer comes with an operating system, along with the Windows you get an array of free programs. These programs help you perform some basic actions on your computer. Let's look at the different programs available with the preloaded operating system that comes with most newly bought computers.

Notepad/Wordpad: Notepad is the basic tool to write something and save it on your computer. This will not have much formatting options but will help you store drafts of letter, legal documents, lists, etc. Wordpad on the other hand will give you rich text formatting options with color, font face, and options to embed videos, images, etc. It however lacks MS Word's high-end options like word check, etc.

Calculator: The basic calculator that comes with the operating system helps the user in executing simple mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and calculating percentages.

Media Player: The windows media player is pretty sufficient to listen to music and watch videos. The media player however supports only certain audio and video formats. With an external set of speakers, media player can be a good makeshift audio system for the impromptu get-togethers! You can use the media player to listen to internet radio as well. The media player graphic animation when the music plays is particularly enticing.

Paint: The Paint tool will help you in creating pictures, basic image editing and viewing images. However the edit functions are extremely limited and can never be used for serious photo editing purposes.

System Tools: Along with the above, the operating systems also come with some system tools, back-up options, disc repair, disc fragmentation options and disc division, etc. You also get Internet Explorer with most of the operating systems.

Games: Windows will also give you some gaming options from solitaire to freecell, hearts and minesweeper. All these are good for passing time in between your work! These days Windows also provide options to play Internet Solitaire, Blackgammon, etc.

WinZip: Winzip used to unzip files or to compress a number of files in to one file also comes with most windows installations.

Although the above mentioned tools are helpful when you are just starting off with your first computer, but eventually you will need more programs and options to fulfill your requirements. Slowly starting from the requirement of a spreadsheet to a database to maintain your expenses to editing tools to edit your photographs and videos, your needs will increase one by one. You may need to convert your document into a PDF or launch it in HTML. You may need to design animations or may need to create blueprints. You will then need a Macromedia Flash or AutoCAD to fulfill your needs. The pre-installed programs will always stay helpful but the truth is you will need to add more programs and software.


AVG Anti-Virus - The Software That Is A Clean Sweep For Your System

If you have found your system slowing down and weird things happening to your programs, the chances are that you have a major software problem with your system, whether it's a Trojan, a virus or a bot.

A trojan is a program that acts like the Trojan horse of ancient legend. It is said the people drew this "offering" from the gods into their city to celebrate and when they set off to sleep, the soldiers inside opened it up, opened the gates and the war was lost. That's what happens with a trojan program, it looks to your system like a normal Windows program, say an editor, and what it is really doing is changing code on the boot blocks of your disk or doing other nasties. A virus is a much like a trojan except that it is "injected" into an already exiting program and the same thing happens.

The bot is perhaps the most insidious kind of program as it literally goes through all of your mailing lists, contact lists, Facebook lists and any other address lists and spams them with all kinds of spam or establishes backlinks through which third parties can spam the world and it looks like it came from your machine.

AVG Anti Virus puts a stop to that cold. Using some really cool programming techniques and things such as heuristics, where certain rules are set up by AVG and changed as needed by either you or the program - you computer "thinks" for itself, and it puts the trojan right back into its horse and then rides the horse into the computer ground and the same thing with trojans and bots. Suddenly, your machine is no longer the highway to spam that it had been.

More than that, it looks for rootkits, or software that actually changes the kernel software on your machine so that it does can turn the system that is "working fine" today into tomorrow's deep headache as it affects your department or company network with issues where software stops working correctly and even your IT experts can't figure it out.

One injection with AVG and rootkits are history as are those nasty trojans, viruses and bots. And, in an another nasty twist some particularly nasty folks out there have found ways to watch your Web use and from it insert software that looks like it has come from your system into the Web. Known as Link kits, they make your computer part of networks that you may not want to be part of so AVG watches for them, roots them out and destroys them.

The best thing about AVG is that it all happens in the background. You receive upgrades to the software in the background so that a kit which appears at 2 pm may be gone by 8 pm as some developer on the AVG team has found a way to zap it into cyberpsace.

For the most part you'll like what you find and its all just a download away at AVG Anti-Virus 2012. It is an important piece of software that could use a little better firewalling but knowing AVG it is probably coming, too.


Retail Software, An Easy Solution For Small Business

For retailers, the need for a reliable method of managing their small business is an essential element to businesses success. Technological advancements have now made running a business much less difficult. These advancements in technology have resulted in the creation of retail software that makes small business management much easier and more efficient.

Retail software can include applications for point-of-sale system software applications for the management of inventory, revenue, finances, customer personal details, staffing, special promotional programs, and more. As well, this type of software allows a business to spend less time on paperwork, accounting, inventory management, sales record keeping, as well as managing such programs as marketing, special advertising programs, loyalty programs, discount programs, and much more. The type of retail software a small business chooses depends on the type of business, size of the business, amount of sales, and the type and amount of inventory.

Retail software contains the following important features:

- Retail software is easy to learn and operate. Most retail software companies will train management and staff on how to use the software, It is also easy to install and maintain, with technical support only a phone call away.

- There is retail software that provides effective inventory management. Businesses will be able to see what items are selling, what items are not selling, and what items need to be reordered. The software will also alert you when you need to reorder a product. Businesses can also keep track of the time of day that certain products are selling and when there is a high volume of customers. This will allow a business to better manage product displays and staffing.

- There is retail software that can be integrated into other software applications. This allows the user to effectively manage a broad range of applications thereby having management of the business in one central location.

- Retail software allows a small business to effectively track sales, provide sales reports, and allows for easy analysis of sales so as to better improve businesses sales management. It can even provide real-time sales and inventory reporting. The software allows for customization of programs such as rewards programs, discounts, special promotions, etc.

- Retail software makes it much easier to maintain vendor information, customer billing and shipping, customer personal information, as well as staff payment and management data.

The traditional days of using a cash register and pen and paper for accounting and inventory are no longer suitable for keeping up with today's highly competitive business world. The selection of the right type of retail software depends on one's businesses needs. When choosing retail software it is important to compare prices and features to make sure you choose the right software that meets your business requirements.

The benefits of retail software make it an important and necessary small business investment. Retail software will help increase business efficiency by eliminating time consuming operational tasks. Retail software systems helps businesses increase sales, track customer purchases, track sales and inventory, and improve overall management of the small business. This gives the business owner complete control of operations and greater flexibility when making important management decisions.


Buy Retirement Planning Software-How To Reach Your Goals

Is it really worth it to buy retirement planning software? Many people want to know the answer to this question. In today's day and age many people are not reaching their retirement goals, simply from a lack of planning, especially at a younger age.

By simply starting to invest your money a young age, you can achieve great wealth upon retirement. Retirement planning software will help you get there.

Of course, the question still remains: is it really necessary to buy retirement planning software? There are many free retirement planning software programs offered on the Internet today, which makes this makes this a valid question.

The honest reality is this: you can generally obtain all the information needed with free retirement planning software. Generally speaking, paid retirement planning software isn't really necessary; all you really need, in fact, is start a Microsoft Word document keep track of your income and expenses they are. Microsoft excel also is a valid way to track expenses.

Remember the most important part of your retirement planning is to simply keep track of your income and expenses. This is really all you need to do when tracking your money. As long as you're raking in more money than you are giving out, you are doing fine.

You can set up your income and expense tracking in the form of a balance sheet, income statement etc. As long as you're keeping track of this in some way, that's the most important part. Unfortunate, countless people do a lousy job of keeping track of their finances, and therefore wonder why they haven't achieved enough money to retire on when they reach the end of their career.

Remember this: the most important part in your retirement planning process is to simply have a plan for what you want to achieve upon retiring. Unfortunately, most people never bother to do this seemingly obvious step.

Once you know this, figure out how money you'll need to achieve those goals, and invest in the most appropriate investment to help you get there. Follow these important tips, and it's not even necessary to buy retirement planning software. Either way, you will achieve your retirement planning goals.


The Privacy Issues With GPS Auto Navigation Systems

A great deal of people are very worried about privacy and security irregularities regarding GPS auto navigation systems. This does not only affect your in-car sat nav, but also portable units such as your cell phone.

These days the majority of people can be tracked one way or another, whether it be by their cell phone, their GPS auto navigation system or an RFID tag that was sewn into a shirt they purchased last month at a supermarket.

Some people do not care about this state of affairs, some deplore it, but most people are not even conscious of it. It is hard to avoid being tracked. It is often stated that anyone walking around London carrying out his or her routine daily life these days, shows up on a closed circuit TV screen about 300 times every day.

However, there are advantages. If I was being mugged in London, I would hope that someone could see me on a screen and send the police or if I was mountain climbing and I fell and broke my leg, I would be glad that the rescue personnel could track me because I was using a GPS enabled cell phone.

Luckily, there are fairly strict laws in place in most Western countries restricting what can be done with the intelligence gathered from GPS auto navigation systems. The problem is that everyone believes that governments break the law and can change them to suit themselves whenever they want. No-one trusts politicians. Not even politicians.

This creates a massive dilemma for a lot of people and in particular parents of young children. Do you enable the tracking options of a GPS enabled cell phone so that you or your child can be found if lost or injured or are you scared that that information may be misused by a criminal of some sort - a kidnapper or a child-molester?

None of us actually knows what our governments are up to or capable of, but we are being wound up by films and books about the widespread invasion of our privacy and what clever people can do with the information that is floating around us in the air.

In reality, we have all given up a lot of the privacy that our grandparents took for granted, but the apparent risks to society are greater these days, although 9/11 could have happened to the Empire State Building 80 years ago and anthrax could have been released on London or New York 100 years ago. People do not have to have high technology to bring out atrocities. Look at World War One or Rwanda.

GPS and auto navigation systems are good things. They help you remain aware of where your loved ones are and give you the peace of mind that if they get into difficulty they will have a better opportunity of getting out of it.

The information gathered by these GPS auto navigation systems can be used in the wrong way, that is undeniable, but at the moment it probably is not. However, employing GPS auto navigation systems can help keep you and your family secure.


Wireless Speakers For Your Home Theaters

Wireless speakers are not the height of technology that they were not so long ago, but they are still pretty new. The good news is though that the price of good quality wireless speakers has come down to an affordable level for most people. However, the constant march of technology continues and it is almost impossible to be on the forefront of it for more than six months before something new comes out.

So, I have come to a conscious decision not to be on the forefront of technology any more. Twelve months behind is good enough for me these days. It can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to take that decision. I am sure that you are already aware how much items like computers, especially laptops, and plasma TV screens have come down in recent years.

So, now is the time to get into wireless speakers. They are a good idea in any circumstances, because you can move speakers around without needing extension leads, but they are particularly useful in a home theater because people will not be able to trip over the wires in the dark.

Wireless speakers have come down in price because there are more manufacturers making them, which is the normal reason why this happens. Many of the newer manufacturers are in the Far East, which is also nothing new, but the quality is just as good. They are just less expensive.

Wireless speakers are one of the first up-grades you should think about if your system is a couple of years old. Wireless speakers permit so much more freedom to move your speakers around to get the best sound out of your home theater set-up.

One tip if you want to try to save a bit on your acquisition of wireless speakers is to buy online. But, do not rush into it. First of all do the round of the shopping malls and find out which wireless speaker systems you like. Take a note of three brands or models. Then go online and check the prices for these models.

You should note down the models, the online prices and the URL of the store where you saw them online. Then, go back to the shops where you first saw those models and ask if they are willing to match, or better, the price. If they are willing to price match, all well and good. You have won because, if there is a problem you can return them locally. If they will not, you must judge the value of a local purchase to you.

You can easily end up with a top quality home theater system with wireless speakers by going about buying your up-grades in this way. You really ought to go the way of wireless speakers and if you do not believe me, just walk around the shopping mall one Saturday afternoon, you will soon be persuaded.


Computer Repair Training

You frequently hear someone say that computers are taking over the world and it is certainly true that a personal computer is a must for any creative individual hoping to establish him or her self in the world. The Internet and the personal computer have revolutionized the world in so many ways that it is it involved in just about all business activity these days.

Because of this, computer repair training is a booming industry too. It is also practical to have some computer repair training oneself. For what would you do, if your personal computer ;with all your valuable data, breaks down on a Sunday morning when all the computer repair shops are shut?

This is why a little computer repair training is vital for all experts and students searching for ways to break through to the top. For them, computer repair skills would be a significant benefit.

Information Professionals around the world find that it is essential to obtain computer repair training. But neglecting computer repair training is a common error made by young executives. The basic computer knowledge gained by computer repair training is important when you are in a tight situation. Some executives have understood the advantage of becoming certified by computer repair training centres.

But aside from executives becoming certified, many young people hope to become professional computer technicians. It is certainly necessary for young technicians to acquire suitable computer repair training from professional institutes or universities. There are some companies that can trick you into getting certified by an inferior education institution. This is most common on the Internet.

Even though computer repair seems like a low grade job, most people overlook the important fact that a high level of demand is being created by businesses and technology driven organizations which need certified and experienced technicians to help run their business.

Therefore these technicians are well sought after. Although the fact remains that some technicians get fooled by bogus colleges and get into trouble when they start working for real.

The proper selection of a computer repair training center is therefore imperative for young enthusiasts looking for a good career.

There are various levels of computer repair training on hand, from basic training to specialization in specific areas of computer repair and technological expertise. The fundamental training is aimed at professionals looking for some basic training to help them in their day to day business operations. The professional programs are available for IT Technicians who are looking for higher qualifications.

Therefore, do not squander any more time thinking about computers and the problems they can be and start looking for a proper computer repair training program at a recognized centre today.


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